ESTA Visa Waiver Authorization Payment Methods

The ESTA USA,(Electronic System for Travel Authorization) was basically developed to strengthen the security measures and to ensure the safety of visitors traveling to the United States of America (US) and the people of the USA. The ESTA online authorization process is, in essence, a screening procedure that analyses provided traveler information and determines the eligibility of travelers to travel to the U.S. under this program. Only citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries should apply for an ESTA, US.

ESTA applications will not proceed until payment for each application has been made. Payment for ESTA needs to be completed online within seven days of applying. In case of not receiving the payment, the ESTA application of the applicant will expire and they will need to submit a new application.

ESTA Fees:

The fees for ESTA application is required for the processing and authorization of the application. This is the only payable fee; however, the card company may charge an extra amount for currency conversion cost. The applicant needs to pay $14 for ESTA application in the regulation of:

  • Processing fee: this is only $4 that is payable upon applying to process. It is not refundable and each new application requires a new processing fee.
  • Authorization fee: this fee is payable only after getting approval of the submitted application. This fee is $10 and if the ESTA application is denied applicant gets back this amount.

Accepted payment methods for ESTA:

There are a variety of credit and debit card payment methods. Currently accepted methods are:

  • Visa Debit & Credit Cards
  • Master Card Debit & Credit
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Diner’s Club
  • Maestro

There is no option to pay by check, bank transfer, or over the phone because the payment can only be performed online. It is also possible to make a single payment for ESTA application submitted for multiple travelers. The applicant can make a single payment for 50 ESTA applications. It is also possible that an applicant can apply now and make their payment within seven days of application. This is applicable for both single and group payments.

Payment Security:

All information transmitted from an applicant’s browser to the website for payment is done through an HTTPS connection that is encrypted and secured. No information on the card can be stored on the website. Once the payment is done for ESTA application, the applicant is not allowed to make any edits in that application. Only the US officials can make any edits in it. For making any changes with ESTA application applicants need to submit a new application and need to pay again for that.

Payment Errors:

There is a variety of reasons for ESTA payment errors. These errors may be due to processing errors on the bank or credit card Company, invalid billing information or Card, or declined for another reason. Some technical issues may also cause payment errors, in the situation of experiencing payment errors, try to use another payment card, contact your bank or credit card company to resolve the above-mentioned issues.