Storing a motorhome or trailer during the off-season is not as simple as it sounds. Even before an RV owner starts thinking about things like air fresheners, anti-freeze, and recharging batteries, they have to figure out where they are going to store their rig. Some RV owners will settle for nothing less than 5-star off-site storage.

To be fair, there are multiple storage options, including:

  • on your own property
  • at a local campground
  • at a local storage yard.

Perhaps it is safe to assume that most RV owners would prefer to store their rigs on their own property. This is not always possible. And in fact, many cities and towns have passed ordinances to stop RV owners from doing so. If you live out in the country though, you might not have any issues.

Despite the many options, some RV owners insist on 5-star storage. So let us discuss what 5-star storage is and whether it is worth the money. Connecticut-based AirSkirts, a company that manufactures and sells inflatable RV skirting, offers some helpful insights.

●               An Off-Site Solution

While there is no industry standard for what constitutes 5-star storage, AirSkirts says the one thing they all have in common is being off-site. In other words, the RV owner pays to store their motorhome or fifth wheel on someone else’s property. The 5-star designation is just a way of rating a storage facility in the same way that hotels and restaurants are rated.

At bare minimum, a 5-star facility offers:

  • enclosed storage space
  • temperature control
  • basic security features.

Imagine a storage facility with individual garage bays for each unit. The units are climate controlled and secured by heavy-duty locks. The entire facility may be surrounded by a gate that can only be accessed with a security code. This sort of setup would be considered the bare minimum for a 5-star facility.

●               Other 5-Star Amenities

As with a 5-star hotel, you might expect some additional amenities in exchange for a higher storage fee. Not to worry, as there are some 5-star operations that offer quite a bit. Here are just a few of the extra amenities you can find at the best facilities:

  • Shore Power
  • Humidity control (separate from temperature control)
  • Exterior washing and waxing
  • Interior detailing (vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, etc.)
  • Tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Appliance maintenance.

The best of the best 5-star services even offer to prep your RV in advance of an upcoming trip. You just let them know the date and they will have your motorhome or trailer ready to go.

●               Paying for the Extras

It would be nice to find 5-star storage at 1-star prices. But that is not realistic. As AirSkirts explains so well, the RV industry is one in which you truly get what you pay for. The question you have to ask yourself is whether 5-star storage is worth the extra cost or not.

It would be impossible to provide a cost estimate here, especially given the fact that storage facility rates can vary quite a bit. What can be said for sure though is that 5-star facilities charge the highest rates in the industry. So, what do you want out of seasonal storage?

If you want storage that offers extra amenities and services equal to the care you give your RV when you are using it, 5-star storage might be worth every penny. But if you are only looking for a place to store your RV out of the weather, saving money might be a higher priority. Only you can determine that.