Why take a trip to Lake Orta

Lake Orta is perfectly suited for a different excursion, sporty or lazy: near the urban centers of the Po Valley, it is well served by public transport and easy to reach. It can also be “circumnavigated” by car, on foot, by boat or by bicycle; running or at a slow pace: about twenty kilometers in all. A network of roads and paths makes it suitable for any type of use: hiking, sporting or pleasure Sunday.


First of all, some geographical clarifications: the lake is located in Piedmont, but close to Lombardy. It extends almost completely in the Province of Novara and the tip, with Omegna, in that of Verbania. To the north it borders Ossola, to the west with the Valsesia (reachable by two mountain roads), to the south with the Borgomanero area and the Novara area, to the west with Lake Maggiore. It can be reached by train or by car; either by bicycle or on foot, since several Historical Routes cover it on both sides. Lake Orta can be considered the most romantic lake in northern Italy


The lake has always been a tourist destination. The water is clear and clean, thus certified every year by the Regional Agency. There are numerous beaches available: many free but some equipped, like in Omegna, Gozzano and Orta. Then there are many woods, a lot of nature: both in historical gardens and wild. The historic gardens are often open, can be visited, while the paths are always available. These are kilometers of easy trails, less easy or for experienced hikers. You can walk down or climb the Mottarone, in the Strona Valley, on the Cerano. The lake is surrounded by mountain peaks, between one thousand and two thousand meters and over.


Sports practice is a daily practice on the lake. Not only can you cycle around the lake in a loop, obviously using the appropriate bikes on off-road routes, but you can also swim in open water, individually or in competition. Don’t forget that you can climb one of the many rock gyms available. You can go down the Strona by kayak. For the more adventurous there is also paragliding from Monte Croce or Mottarone. Finally, you can run along the paths traveled every year by expert athletes in the sector taken in the toughest race in which they cover 120 kilometers. Finally, there is a lot to see: factory outlets, beautiful villages rich in history, renowned restaurants, small and interesting museums, festivals and events.