Reasons to go for the blue cruise in your next summer holiday in Turkey

Turkey has a myriad of options to offer when it comes to the places to visit on your holiday in this beautiful country. Since this country is located on two continents, and it is the only country with this geographical location, you can have the perks of enjoying two continents’ cultures. It is a perfect blend of east and west not only in the food but also in the country’s tradition and culture. You can enjoy the best of both worlds while you are here in Turkey.

Turkey’s natural beauty has not parallel with its turquoise coast that has stunning bays and comfy beaches, crystal clear waters, cute towns, hereditary Lycian cities, and the snowy summits of the Taurus Mountain range. You would never regret visiting Turkey for its beauty and culture. No wonder it is becoming one of the most favorite travel destinations in the whole world.

The gulet and cruise are fascinating adventures when you visit the southwestern part of Turkey. The extraordinary vessels explicitly made for the tourists to have a safe and peaceful cruise in the sea are there to welcome you. The blue Cruise Turkey would be an ever unforgettable experience of your life, where you would enjoy the beauty of the sea along with the breathtaking sights of Turkey. Here is our list of reasons for visiting the blue cruise for your next summer holiday.

  • Breathtaking sceneries

Located between the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea is the colorful harbor of Fethiye that starts from the port town of Bodrum. You can get your blue cruise booked from Bordum and enjoy your trip to the beautiful city beach of Antalya, and you will witness some of the most amazing and breath taking sight of Turkey on your way.

  • Sailing in the most jaw-dropping beautiful sights

When you are on a cruise trip to the amazing turquoise waters of the sea, you experience the bare faces of the caves and snorkeling coves. You would be delighted to see the beauty of these parts, and if you are an expert at it, you could swim there as well and explore the natural beauty more closely, things that you can only enjoy while you are in Turkey.

  • Visit ancient ruins of old cities.

When you are on the blue cruise trip, you will be sailing and Southwest Turkey’s ancient cities where the Lycian people used to live. Along with that, there are traces of the Roman and Greek empire’s old civilizations as well.

  • Wildlife experience

The blue cruise trip would offer some eye treats to those who love observing wildlife. If you stay conscious, you would be able to spot some beautiful dolphins on the way, and in the distant area, some whales coming out of the water could also be spotted. Rare species of turtles, fish, seals, and other animals could be seen as well. Bird lovers could enjoy seeing a wide variety of birds in the wild and preserving beautiful memories for the rest of their lives.