Filipino Wedding Traditions

In the Philippines brides and grooms have many traditions and customs on their big day. Filipino weddings heavily involve family members as an integral part of the ceremony, and there are many important rituals that are carried out to ensure the future luck and happiness of the special couple. Wedding Dresses

Filipino brides usually choose to wear a custom designed dress in the western style which is traditionally white. Many brides also choose to wear a form of the traditional Baro’t saya, also in white. It is considered to be unlucky to try on the dress before the day of the marriage itself and pearl jewelry is also avoided as a bad omen. Sponsors During the ceremony, many close family members are chosen to play an active role in the proceedings. Several sponsors are chosen to fulfill important tasks including signing the license, presenting ceremonial coins, placing the veil and the cord, and lighting the altar candles. Gold Coins Similar to Spanish wedding ceremonies, there are 13 gold coins used as part of the wedding ritual. The groom will give these coins to his new wife to represent how dedicated he is to his wife’s happiness and that of their future children. A coin bearer or sponsor carries the coins to the ceremony alongside the ring bearer. Candles During the ceremony, the altar candles will be lit by the candle sponsors. Often the couple choose one of their parents to play this role. The candle light represents the Light of Christ and is an important part of the ceremony. Unity candles are usually also lit, held by the bride and groom, and representing the joining together of the two families in the love of Christ. The Bouquet Traditionally the bouquet is not thrown, unlike in western weddings, and is usually given as an offering to a favorite saint or the Virgin Mary. Sometimes it will be placed on the grave of a deceased special family member. The Cord As part of the ceremony, the cord sponsors place a white knotted cord around the bride and groom, signifying their joining together. This is wrapped in a figure 8 motif, and is a symbol of infinity. Often the cord is decorated with flowers, coins and rosaries. The Veil The veil sponsors will place a white veil over the bride’s head and the groom’s shoulders. This also symbolizes their joining together as one, and its white color is a sign of purity and God’s presence. Gifts There should be no sharp items such as scissors or knives given as wedding gifts to the bride and groom as this is considered to be very bad luck. Rain Although in the west, most brides hope for sun and dread a rainy wedding day, Filipino brides pray for rain as it is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Stepping On The Groom After the ceremony, the bride walks ahead of the groom or steps on his foot. This means that she will never be dominated during her marriage. To know more about Filipino Wedding Traditions