A Quick Checklist to Find a Perfect Conference Venue

A 10-minutes must-read for event planners, PR specialists and event managers If you are in charge of managing an upcoming event , your to-do list must be populated with a set of never-ending tasks. Gathering speakers, seeking out donations, arranging for the advertisers, securing sponsors and the list just keeps going on. One of the most challenging and crucial tasks however is to choose a good venue. To help you reduce the stress and narrow down on the most important deciders for choosing a venue, here we cover a quick and useful guide, which you should save in mind. Read on, if you think we have missed out any important points, we welcome your comment and suggestions

Accessibility – Choosing a strategically-located place for hosting the event is crucial to maximize the attendance. Before determining the location, ensure that transportation is readily and easily accessible to the venue so that the guests and attendees can easily reach the destination by air, rail or automobile. Also, ensure that there are enough space available for parking for guests, who choose to drive to the venue. To improve the opportunities of additional social networking, ensure that the venue is located near to restaurants and city attractions. Lodging accommodations – If your venue is not located within a hotel, ensure that suitable lodging facility is available within a reasonable distance of the event. If the venue is far away from the hotel, ask if the hotel offers any shuttle service. Availability – It is a great idea to host the event when there is no rush. This helps you save on booking amount. Add to this, reduced traffic will ensure participants arrive timely. However, if the event is scheduled at a peal session when the city is expected to attract lots of tourists, ensure to choose safe routes and book networking places in advance. Suitability – Does the event reflect the theme of the event? Let’s take an example; if the event hall where a conference on green living is scheduled is painted in yellow and does not adapt with green architecture; there is no use of such a place. It contradicts the theme of the event and even creates a unfavorable image. Be mindful of your sponsors, Be sure that there are no such events from your sponsors in the city that clash with your branding message. Other important things –

Invest in a technically well equipped facility Ensure that the venue owners have separate facility to host food and beverages Ask if the venue owners can offer additional staffing facility