Things we need to learn from Tolga Akcay


Harriet Tubman said once,

‘’Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’’

But there is no such need to reach the stars to actually change this world, but genuine commitment, true passion, and constant motivation are the things you need to keep with you to take revolutionary steps.

Maybe Tolga Akcay is not so much familiar name to you, but he has the courage and enthusiasm to make his dream come true. Tolga Akcay is the CEO of and this is not his only identity. Mr. Tolga Akcay is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and sales and marketing coach and keeping these all identities with him on top he is a family man who loves and cares about the bonding between people and relationship strength. He believes in distributing comfort for people around the world and his love for humanity motivates him to work for the betterment and ease of mankind.

Tolga Akcay loves traveling and during his personal and professional trips, he has seen many times people getting worried about their traveling documents. In case of losing passport and visa, he has seen the anxiety, depression, and fear of facing unwanted circumstances among his traveling partners. This is the reason Mr. Tolga is working on a brand new technology of Exvisa that is going to transform all the immigration workings magically.

With the magic of digitalization, he has introduced the concept of digital visa and passport that you simply don’t need to keep physically with you. With all other online documents with Exvisa, everyone could be able to keep an online visa or electronic visa.

This amazing technology is going to change the difficult procedures of immigration, emigration, and relocation into simple clicks away hassle-free job. Exvisa by Tolga Akcay is also a step forward to stop illegal immigration more effectively. The state of the art security system of Exvisa ensures the protection of your data and allows only secure access to the relevant companies and states. For foolproof security, Mr. Tolga is going to use a transparent blockchain visa and passport that is hacker-proof technology to store data. This technology is being used by various high-risk firms all around the world to keep their data secure.

Mr. Tolga Akcay believes in the power of technology and that is why he is going to digitalize your travel documents most innovatively and securely. He is a successful person who owns his own business empire, but in the meanwhile, he is a true humanity worker who works dedicatedly to change the lives of people around the globe in the most positive manner. Tolga Akcay is an inspiration for youngsters who want to achieve success and need to be a useful part of their society. This Turkish-German entrepreneur with American visions is a going to be a true game-changer for traditional immigration working style with his Exvisa technology.