All you need to know about Fukuoka

It is conventional thinking that flying between Japan and Hong Kong has never been easier. With the flights to and from major cities such as Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and other smaller cities, Hong Kong is getting better connected with Japan. The distance from Hong Kong to Fukuoka is about 2,035 km, and it takes around three and a half hour to reach Fukuoka from Hong Kong via direct flight.

Fukuoka is one of the most modern cities of Japan and is also one of the consistently rated livable cities of the World. Its climate is warm and sub-tropical that actually enhances the playful holiday’s spirit of Fukuoka. Its green spaces, spectacular cultural sites, inviting parks, renowned museums, year-round festivals and entertainment brings a seamless mix of relaxed beach and chic spirit to the city. The public transport system of Fukuoka is merely excellent that provides a convenient way to go out and explore Fukuoka.

People who visit Fukuoka get so much to do in the way of holiday entertainment. For outdoor lovers, there is a range of urban parks that offer recreational areas with hiking, jogging, and biking trails. The fascinating park of Fukuoka is the Ohori Park as it features colourful gardens, waterside thoroughfares, and gorgeous city views. To look back into Fukuoka’s rich history ancient castle ruins dot the park and invite visitors to explore it. Visitors can also enjoy the sun and pleasant surf at Momochi Beach.

Tenjin is the entertainment and shopping district of Fukuoka. Its impressive development is similar to the Canal City that treats visitors with its phenomenal retail atmosphere and witnessing fountains show is an extra benefit to be there. For art and history lovers, the Fukuoka Art Museum houses keep an extraordinary collection of delicate Asian art from across the continent. After all this exploration, Fukuoka has so much on your excellent appetite, and visitors soon realize that the city is also home to excellent food. Fukuoka is known as the home of Hakata Ramen and the quaint Yatai street stalls, even among the Japanese.

Things to do in Fukuoka:

· Visit Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka tower is the astonishing needle-like structure with three observation decks, and it is the 12th tallest skyscraper of Japan. It is about 123 meters above the city and offers the magnificent scenery of the town and harbour below.

· Witness the beauty of Ohori Park

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Japan, Ohori is an urban oasis, and it features stunning city views and peaceful water sidewalks. It mesmerizes merely its visitors with the elegance and beauty it has.

· Explore Kyushu National Museum

To satisfy your interest in Japanese history and culture visiting the Kyushu National Museum is a must. The museum highlights Japanese culture in the broader context. It also enlightens how other cultures have influenced the country and region. The museum’s vast permanent collection is referred to as the “Cultural Exchange Exhibition” to highlight the influences of different cultures over time.