What to see in Orta San Giulio during a walk  

Did you know that among the most beautiful lakes in Italy there is one that makes the difference? This is lake Orta: most romantic lake in the world. The most important village that runs along the lake is that of Orta San Giulio. Would you like to visit it? Well, let’s analyze what you can see in Orta San Giulio following the path we are about to propose.


Start from via Panoramica and then turn right onto the panoramic walk path. At this point, take the stone sidewalk that runs along the lake (via 11 Settembre to via Ettore Motta) until you reach Orta San Giulio. Once in the city, it will be wonderful to walk through the alleys of the village, small and narrow alleys that vaguely recall the Genoese alleys. The historic center is closed to the circulation of vehicles We recommend that you enter the garden of the Town Hall, Casa Bossi, enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and the island of San Giulio, rest on the benches under the porch covered with fragrant wisteria. Then continue in via Bossi and in Via Olina, you arrive at the mouth of Piazza Motta, here you will find the Community Palace at the corner, I suggest you turn left and reach the Church of the Assumption.

The climb to reach the church is full of beautiful and historic buildings (Palazzo Gemelli and Casa dei Nani) and from the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. The island is very small and it takes 40 minutes to visit it all, on the island you can visit the Basilica of San Giulio and the element that certainly most distinguishes the place is the silence and the perception that the island is not inhabited by anyone.


What to do after the trip? Maybe stop for a good ice cream in a bar overlooking the square and after a stroll in the small shops scattered in the alleys, continue the tour taking via Giovanetti and continue on via Giuseppe Fava until you arrive again at the roundabout of Villa Crespi. This lakeside promenade offers beautiful views of the blue waters of Lake Orta, you can also take a small detour by taking the path that leads to Ortello. If you still have some time left, it will be better to take a walk to the Sacro Monte, where a few meters before you will even find a parking lot. Remember not to park on the road leading to the Monte (Via al Sacro Monte), because there is no parking and fines are at risk around the corner.