Chengdu Zoo – a Must-visit For The Entire Family!

Within the suburbs of Chengdu, you will discover the intriguing surrounds of the Chengdu Zoo, which is billed as the fourth-largest animal enclave in the country, after the zoos in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It occupies a lush spot in the city, surrounded by gardens, and extends up to an area of about eighteen hectares. Inside, visitors will encounter an amount of about 300 different animal species represented by almost 3,000 animals populating the various enclosures situated both inside and out. The Chengdu Zoo has been operating at its present location since the year 1976. It first opened in October in 1953 under the name of the Chengdu Baihuatan Zoo, and it functioned as the very first exhibition of “exotic” animals in the region, especially snow leopards, which are a special attraction. At the time of its conception, it was home to 114 animals that spanned 34 species, far below the current role call of 3,000 animals across 300 species. Perhaps the most famous feature of the Chengdu Zoo is the giant panda, of which about ten call the Chengdu Zoo home. Visitors will also come cross a fine selection of large predatory cats, which include two beautiful Bengal tigers, immense Siberian tigers, and lastly, the South China tiger, which is an endangered species. Fans of primates will enjoy visiting the primates’ enclave, which features assorted specimens of the species, such as macaques, baboons, lemurs, langurs, and mandrills. Assuming pride of place here is a group of Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkeys, which have long been considered stars of the zoo. Venture into the back, and you will find an aviary which features large congregations of birds as well as a smattering of small ponds designed for penguins and pelicans. Next door, kids will be delighted to encounter a charming little petting zoo, which is housed with a selection of very friendly animals such as goats (including a few babies), a pig and a cow too. You can also request to get your picture taken with a choice of a pony, a peacock, a parrot, or even a Bactrian camel. If you are craving even more entertainment, there is an exciting amusement park situated on the grounds of the zoo that offers a collection of fair-ground-style rides. If you are in search of a quality hotel in Chengdu China to host your stay in the region whilst you soak up all its natural delights, consider checking into M Hotel Chengdu. With attentive hospitality and an idyllic location with fantastic views, this is one hotel Chengdu has to offer that promises to spoil all its guests. Google+