Camping Adventure Amid the Himalayas of India

Winter holidays are not a time to shut oneself in the house and get all covered up in a blanket. As other weathers, winter can also be enjoyed and celebrated in a hassle-free manner. Our planet Earth showcases different forms of her beauty with every change of weather. To explore its virgin charm one needs to be adventurous enough to dare every challenge, also embrace every surprise that may come in the way. Winter is an ideal time to exalt one’s senses through the adventure activities in the form of camping. It is an activity, which can be clubbed along with the trekking, gives a perfect opportunity to overcome one’s fears or physical limitations and get closer to nature. Indian Himalayas offer many avenues to catch the exuberance of nature at her best. Following are a few camping locations where the visitors can find their lost link with the Mother Nature: Dodital Dodital is a freshwater lake nestled among the majestic Himalayas. It is enveloped by the serene backdrop. The lake is situated at 3024 meters above the sea level in Uttarakhand and is surrounded by a thick forest cover. The sighting of this pristine lake, which is inundated by the oak, deodar and rhododendron, is truly divine. During snowfall, the mountains, trees, paths – all get covered up in snow with only the lake maintaining its individuality. Waking up to the site of a tranquil lake enveloped by the ice-clad surroundings is enough to make one awestruck. Chopta It is a small town, which is located in the Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand. Located at an altitude of about 2600 meters, it offers the breathtaking views of the snow-covered Himalayas, which acts as a balm for the aching souls of today’s man. With a celestial lake called Deorital, lush green meadows and an enchanting Himalayan background, this place is rightly called the ‘mini Switzerland’. Living under the sky, breathing the unobstructed natural air, listening to the sounds of birds and insects is certainly a phenomenal experience. Chopta is a part of the Chopta Chandrashilla trek, which is a popular trekking route. It begins at Chopta, goes through the ancient Tungnath temple and ends at Chandrashila peak, which stands at the height of 4000 km. Nag Tibba This place is important for the local people as it is believed to be the home of Nag Devta (Snake lord), whom they worship. Standing tall at 3022 meters, it is the highest point among the lesser known Himalayan peaks and offers majestic views of the stupendous Himalayas. The trek towards the peak, in itself, offers plenty of sites to camp among the gorgeous meadows and dense forests. Kedar Kantha It is counted among the most uncharted and untouched places of Uttarakhand and hence has a more exotic feel to it. The path that one would tread before reaching this place is enriched with fascinating vegetation and animal life. The Kedar Kantha peak offers a 360 degree view of the all encompassing Himalayas, bestowing a camper with a perfect panorama at the time of sunrise and sunset. One can easily fall into some stage of a meditation in such a mesmerizing atmosphere without having to put any effort. Gorson Meadow Gorson meadow, in Uttarakhand, comes as a pleasant surprise to the trekkers who have been trekking through the dense forest to reach here. Gorson, situated at the height of 3056 meters, presents a soothing palette of green, white and blue – the green grass of the meadow, white snow of the enthralling peaks and the ravishing blue of the sky. At the time of heavy snow the greens will pave way to the pious white making the wavy terrain milky. Camping in winters among the exquisite Himalayas, its valleys and meadows is a life changing experience. Living in today’s world is a challenge, which can be better tackled by keeping the mind and body fresh through the regular doses of nature’s motherly care.