Andaman Little-Known Adventurous Tourist Destination in India

Andaman or Andaman islands consist of more than a hundred islands, both small and large. It is located in the Bay of Bengal, close to Burma. It takes three days by charter boat or two hours by plane from Chennai to Port Blair, the main island. Each island in the Andaman is defined by its uniqueness. With its lush green forests and undulating mountains, its physical characteristics make Andaman Tour Packages more adventurous than any tour in India. Visit Long Island for Jurassic Park adventure. It is more than two hours by a rented boat from Port Blair and more than a secluded island for its wild side with no people in sight. It is where a tourist can wander alone on the island and do the survivor things. Long Island has nothing more than a rich jungle area with basic accommodation. Fresh coconut water straight from the tree which is the welcoming drink. Bamboo hut would be the accommodation that would protect you from the cold breeze at night. This gives the tourists a feel of a colossal moment as they are following Andaman Tour packages. Stay a night on the island and enjoy the private beaches which would clear every mind from stress. This place is perfect for a yoga retreat for its pristine condition. From Long Island, take a ferry to Kalipur, North Andaman. The Ferry would go past many densely forested small islands scattered here and there. They look so wild and so wonderful. The travel would take every tourist to a beautiful beach that provides modern and luxurious accommodation in Turtle resorts, Kalipur. Then after some refreshments in the resort, having adventures in the Amazon forest to make some documentations with the impossibly huge trees is one of the best deals in the program of Andaman Tour Packages. The tour includes Ross Island adventure that will increase every tourist’s adrenaline. Ross Island is well-known with its Ghost town. It is because the town was abandoned after a series of earthquake and abrasion. All that remains is the ruins and the growing forest around it. Tourists can walk thought the ruins and find the cemetery with some old spectacular graves. It would make the adventure feel a bit eerie. From Ross Island, tourists can visit Little Andaman before going back to Port Blair. Little Andaman is a very secluded island with a little information. Andaman Tour Packages have all the information regarding this island. The best of all the tour would give you a wonderful experience in Ross Island because it has the most beautiful beaches in the Andaman. The beach is still virgin and has clear water. Every tourist would not intend to leave, but force them to return back. Apart from the beach, tourists can enjoy the amazing lagoon at the Kala Pathhar beach. Don’t miss every opportunity to have little-known adventures in Andaman!